RH220 is a three-piece single acting sealing set which consists of one elastomeric main sealing element with additional sealing lip, one special prole elastomer nitrile rubber that goes into the main sealing component and one thermoplastic back-up ring.
  • Able to work in high pressures
  • Superior sealing effect in low pressures
  • Easy assembly into closed grooves
  • Superior sealing effect with the secondary lip
  • Secondary sealing lip provides extra protection against the ingress of dirt particles.
  • High wear resistance
  • Improved sealing gap due to the active back-up ring

Mining equipment, iron and steel industry, metal injection machines, scrap cutters, marine hydraulics, cranes and mobile hydraulics.

  • Diameter:
    25 mm to 340 mm
  • Temperature:
    -30 ° C to 100 ° C
  • Pressure limit:
    630 bar
  • Speed limit:
    0.5 m/s

Press the link below and download the technical specification for RH220(K31).

Material specification: RH220(K31)

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